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Stage 1

Preparing the dough

With a daily capacity of 1,300 t, the preparation workshop produces pulp from recycled fibres.
The cleaned pulp is then sent to the storage tower to feed the machine.

Step 2

Canvas section

It is at this stage that the sheet is formed. A fibrous suspension, made up of 99 water and 1 fibre, is injected between two webs. The result is a homogeneous, symmetrical sheet measuring 9m, the full width of the machine.

Step 3

Section presses

The water contained in the sheet is gradually eliminated by passing it through two presses.
This process also helps to strengthen the sheet by bonding the fibres together.

Step 4

Drying plant

This stage allows the residual water to evaporate by successive contact of the sheet with heated cylinders.

Step 5


At this stage, the application of a layer of starch to both sides of the sheet gives it its important mechanical characteristics.

Step 6


After being moistened with starch, the leaf is dried again.

Step 7

Winding and rewinding

The sheet is wound onto a steel mandrel to form a mother reel, which can reach a maximum developed length of 55 km. This is then unwound, cut and rewound onto a cardboard core to produce the daughter reels.

Step 8

Storage and shipping

The reels are transported to a fully-automated storage hall, awaiting dispatch to customers.
The transport and logistics department ensures delivery within a 1,000 km radius across Europe.

You will be involved in the production of Blue Paper

By sorting your waste, you feed the local paper and cardboard recovery circuit. Your waste is baled by recycling companies who sell it to us as a raw material. Thanks to your everyday actions, you are contributing to the production of our paper!

Our products

We manufacture reels of corrugated base paper from 100ths of recycled cardboard

FeaturesOurproducts are divided into 3 categories: papers for fluting, papers for covers and multi-purpose papers in grammages of between 70 and 135 g/m2. Our cutting-edge technologies guarantee our customers excellent quality.

Width (height of a reel)

0.700 to 3.5 metres

Average diameter (width of a coil)

1.420 metres

Weight of a reel

1 to 4 tonnes

Length of a coil

9 to 15 kilometres

Nos produits
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You've probably already used Blue Paper

We produce reels of brown paper which we supply to our cardboard packaging manufacturer customers, mainly in Europe. So it's highly likely that you've already had your hands on paper produced by Blue Paper when you received a parcel. In fact, Blue Paper contributes 10 e to the French production of cardboard packaging.

Our products

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