We put people and our employees at the heart of our decisions through concrete actions

Reducing our environmental impact

For you, for us, for our employees and our neighbours, we invest regularly and heavily in reducing the environmental impact of our business.

Improving quality of life at work

Safety and quality of life at work are our major challenges. Every year we develop new in-house training modules and negotiate agreements with employee representatives to improve working conditions.

Investing in the education of young people

We pay particular attention to our partnerships with local secondary schools in order to introduce young people to our profession and prepare them for the expectations of the world of work.

Developing school-company relations has become our priority

Under the terms of agreements, we offer students in vocational courses (industrial maintenance, chemical processes) and students in general and technological education courses immersion at Blue Paper. This can take the form of company visits, discovery work placements, in-company training periods or traditional work placements.

Au Boulot à Vélo, Stras'n'bike... Blue Paper contributes to the well-being of its employees

Well-being at work and quality of life at work are very important issues for Blue Paper. Life at work must be pleasant and rewarding. To this end, Blue Paper is putting in place initiatives that promote quality of life at work, such as the organisation of sporting events, birthday celebrations, etc.

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Blue Paper is also committed to two other pillars

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