The technologies used in the Blue Paper production plant allow us to produce particularly light, fibre efficient paper for high-output corrugated paper, made of 100 % recovered paper.

Paper machine

At the time, the conversion of a magazine paper mill into a paper mill for the production of corrugating base paper was one of the largest such projects in the entire industry. The conversion process involved much more than a simple refitting. At every stage of the production process, benchmark technologies were installed to guarantee our customers outstanding results and consistent product quality.

Our impressive 8.62-metre-wide paper machine is one of the widest in Europe. Its dimensions are perfect for producing the common width of modern corrugating board plants. With a maximum speed of 1,200 m/min, our mill can produce over 440,000 tons of paper a year.

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An essential component of the Blue Paper concept was the adoption of the most advanced and most environmentally friendly technologies. Together with the fact that our paper production is based entirely on recovered paper, we were able to establish new and environmentally friendly benchmarks for the entire paper industry.

Our biomass fluidized bed boiler produces 60% of the steam needs leading to carbon emissions at the lowest level in our industry. Thanks to the steam produced in our biomass boiler and injected in our turbine, also thanks to our methanisation unit that converts liquid effluent organic load into biogas, we are very proud to say that Blue Paper produces not only packaging paper, but also green electricity. 

Last but not least, our newly built CSR boiler that burns our process rejects offers enough steam to allows us to replace 2 natural gas boilers.

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