A strong team

Behind every first-class product are first-class employees.
Blue Paper’s production and distribution are the result of the extensive know-how of our partners in the fields of corrugating base paper production, and we happily share this knowhow with you. Thanks to our expertise and our exceptionally skilled workforce, we know that we can deliver first-class quality every time.





Success means always having the courage to try something new. Success also means having a team that can always be relied on to pull its weight. We see our customers very much as a part of our success. We aim to become a leader in sustainability.

Let’s make that success ours.

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Pour postuler, merci d'envoyer votre candidature à : emploi@bluepaper.eu

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Interview with Aminata Kandji

Why did you choose to make your apprenticeship by Blue Paper ?

I've chosen to make my Master 2 as dual training in this company because I wanted to have a real professional experience and see how to apply my theoretical course. The subject proposed by Blue Paper was very interesting due to its diversity and also the responsabilities and knowledge linked to this job.

What did you do ? What are you proud of ?

My main job was to help Blue Paper to be certified ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001 and ISO 50001 by mid 2014. A great job indeed ! But I also worked on other subjects like :

  • preparing the drafting of the Quality, Safety, Environmental and Energy charter with the Managing Director and each manager of theses departments.
  • updating the risk assessment from Blue Paper with the safety coordinator, that means interviewing all the employees and collect the risks via a questionnaire.
  • creating a tracking table for claims with the Quality and Environment Manager.
  • finding suppliers with the Quality and Environment Manager for recycling or reuse of the waste.
  • Preparing and assisting the energy auditor before the certification.

After periods you are at university, is it difficult to go back to work in the company ?

Back to the company, I continue my on-going missions, as well as other specific missions. I don't stay enough time at university to be lost.

To be an apprentice by Blue Paper, according to you, what are the required qualities ? What kind of advises could you give to potential candidates ?

I would say that candidates should be responsible, organised, serious, flexible, full of resources and motivated.
As the first apprentice by Blue Paper, beginning at the same time as the company, I recommend to all future candidates to be patient. The most important thing is the first interview.

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